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100% Autonomous Coding
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AI-powered Risk Adjustment
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The Comprehensiveness of our Coding Modules

Diagnosis codes
  • Hierarchical Code Analysis across 90K+ codes
  • (SDOH) Coding
  • Drug Code Integration
  • 7th-digit precision for optimal accuracy
  • Automated updates of new ICD official guidelines
  • Rare Disease Detection
Procedure codes
  • Multi speciality Support
  • Quality Reporting: Category 2 / HEDIS
  • CCI Edit Integration
  • Official CPT Guidance
  • NCD/LCD compliance checks
  • Automated Modifier Support
Evaluation & Management
  • Intelligent MDM Analysis
  • Time-Based coding
  • Extensive Rule Engine with 10K+ rules
  • Customizable Workflow
Risk Adjusted Coding
  • 9,500+ HCC ICD codes and 80+ categories
  • Complete Patient portrait across years 
  • Proactive HCC Detection
  • Seamless EHR Integration
  • V24 to V28 Transition Support

Bring the value of AI to:

Procedure and Diagnosis Coding

Unlock unparalleled accuracy and flexibility with our AI-driven Procedure and Diagnosis Coding services. Tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, we ensure every code is precise, evidence-based, and fully compliant.

Precision Coding, Tailored to You

Experience unmatched accuracy with our AI-powered coding engine, adaptable to your specific procedures and standards.

Transparent and Evidence-Based

Every code assignment is fully traceable, complete with supporting clinical documentation.

Always Compliant

 Rest assured, our codes adhere to NCCI edits, LCD/NCD requirements, and the latest ICD Official Guidelines.

Evaluation & Management (E&M)

Revolutionize patient outcomes with our Evaluation & Management Coding services, leveraging the latest guidelines and an AI-driven approach to medical decision-making and complexity analysis.

Optimize E/M Outcomes

Our MDM solver ensures optimal E&M levels, informed by the 2023 guidelines and designed to elevate patient care.

Clinically Driven Analysis

80,000+ diagnoses with related symptoms, procedures and medications expertly evaluated across all E&M settings for unparalleled complexity and risk assessment.

Maximize Revenue

Our AI automatically selects the highest appropriate level between time-based and MDM criteria.

Risk Adjustment Coding

Elevate your Risk Adjustment Coding with our proprietary AI model. Seamlessly mapping complex diagnoses to HCC categories, our solution offers comprehensive patient insights and maximizes RAF scoring.

AI-Powered Efficiency

9,500+ HCC ICDs mapped to 800 concepts within 80+ HCC categories for streamlined processing.

Comprehensive Patient Profiles

Leverage multi-year data analysis, both structured and unstructured, for complete patient risk assessment.

Time-Based Precision

Improve RAF scores by identifying suspected and missed HCC conditions, including smooth transition from V24 to V28.

That’s how it works

AI tailored to your medical coding needs

Coder Involvement
Straight to Bill
Query Builder
Rule Engine
Security and privacy

We value security and privacy to the utmost level

Encrypted Data
Secure Cloud
Data Onshore in US

Who We Serve

We work across various set-ups and specialties in healthcare.

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  • Hospitals
  • Physician Groups
  • Medical Billing Companies
  • ACOs/ IDNs/ MSOs/ IPAs
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Radiology
  • Primary Care
  • Nephrology
  • Ob/Gyn
  • Ambulatory Surgery
  • Internal Medicine
  • Labs
  • Home health
  • ICD - Diagnosis Codes
  • CPT - Procedure Codes
  • E&M - Evaluation & Management
  • HCC - Risk Adjusted Coding
  • HCPCS - Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System
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