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Harness the power of AI
to transform your
medical coding operations

Harness the power of AI  to transform your medical coding operations

Reduce administrative costs and improve reimbursements, all while maintaining compliance.

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Automate, Assist & Audit

Reduction in claim denials
2 hrs/day
Saved & 1.7x boost in productivity
Charts processed per minute
Reduction in cost
Audit trails
5 days
Faster A/R recovery
Clinical Problems
Whether you have an in-house oroutsourced coding team asdas, RapidClaims can seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow to enhance capabilities.
This means you won't have to struggle with

Increased claim denials due to coding errors & documentation gaps

Risk of non-compliance due to lack of pro-active checks

Rising coding costs as your practice expands or sudden surge in charts

AI is the solution
AI is the solution

Accelerate your RCM process with the power of AI

Supercharge your RCM process with RapidClaims AI-driven magic! Slash admin costs, boost reimbursements, and stay compliant effortlessly.

Features that Create Rapid Impact

Automate & Assist

Streamline your coding process - automate or empower your coders with our personalized solutions. Code thousands of charts with speed and precision while catering to unique client requirements. Our Large language model can interpret unstructured data, creating a longitudinal patient record by converting notes into structured codes and disease patterns.

Explainable and Compliant

Our AI model understands medical notes to identify diagnoses & procedures, leaving an audit trail to check for evidence. Codes & charts are presented in a streamlined, easy-to-understand format.

Actionable Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of code-level trends for different sites and take action to improve the revenue cycle. Our platform analyzes charts to identify claim denial patterns and helps you capture them before submitting claims.

Customized AI & Rule Sets

Never make the same mistakes twice. Create mass-level coding-related rules with plain English and easily apply them to your charts at scale - segregated by specialty, code type, and coders.

Security and privacy

We value security and privacy to the utmost level

Encrypted Data
Secure Cloud
Data Onshore in US

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Who We Serve

We work across various set-ups and specialties in healthcare.

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  • Hospitals
  • Physician Groups
  • Medical Billing Companies
  • ACOs/ IDNs/ MSOs/ IPAs
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Radiology
  • Primary Care
  • Nephrology
  • Ob/Gyn
  • Ambulatory Surgery
  • Internal Medicine
  • Labs
  • Home health
  • ICD - Diagnosis Codes
  • CPT - Procedure Codes
  • E&M - Evaluation & Management
  • HCC - Risk Adjusted Coding
  • HCPCS - Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System
Hear it from the experts
We have experienced significant return on investment since partnering with RapidClaims. Their solutions have effectively alleviated the workload of our extensive team of over 100 medical coders. We are actively exploring opportunities for deeper integration with RapidClaims due to the impressive impact on our operational efficiency.
Physician Group (120 Providers)
Artificial intelligence will improve healthcare by making humans into super-humans and rapidly ramping and enhancing their effectiveness in serving patients.  
Sachin Jain
President & CEO, Scan Health
President & CEO,
Scan Health
AI has the potential to address the inherent challenges of medical coding, which is traditionally labor-intensive and difficult to scale. Successful application of artificial intelligence in this area can provide a competitive advantage to healthcare organizations who adopt this approach.
Oscar Benavidez
Executive Director, Massachusetts General Hospital
Executive Director,
Massachusetts General Hospital
Fast and accurate medical coding is one of the biggest challenges we have as physicians. Not only does it take up an incredible amount of time, taking away from our time with patients and the operating room. Solutions that streamline medical coding for doctors would be a game changer.
Dr Chethan Satya
Pediatric Thoracic and General Surgeon, Cohen Children's Medical Center
Your potential savings per year

Based on your approximate expense for manual coding cost of $525,000


Know your Savings

Stop leaving money on the table. Calculate your potential savings with's accurate medical coding.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and implementation.

What input methods do you support?

We strive for flexibility and seamless integration with your existing systems. We support native integrations with all major EHRs, HL7 and FHIR integrations, PDF exports from any EHR

Do you incorporate client-specific SOPs?

Yes! We understand that each practice may have unique coding guidelines. Our AI can be fine-tuned to adhere precisely to your style and SOPs.

How much data do you need to tune the AI for a client?

Our solution stands out with its minimal data requirements. For optimal results, we generally need only 100 to 1000 charts, depending on the complexity of your workflows. This efficiency sets us apart in the industry.

Does your AI learn from client data?

We take your data privacy extremely seriously. While we fine-tune the AI for your practice, we never use that data to train models for other clients. Your data remains solely yours.

What specialties do you cover?

We provide comprehensive coverage across major specialties, including: Primary care, Emergency department, Radiology, Pediatrics. Internal medicine, Ambulatory Surgery, Orthopedics, Nephrology etc. If you have a new or unique specialty, our platform adapts quickly. We can fine-tune the AI to fit your workflows with exceptional speed.

How do you do E&M coding?

We ensure accurate E&M coding by utilizing both MDM (Medical Decision Making) and time-based scores. Our system calculates both scores and applies the higher value, or we can directly align with your preferred SOPs for E&M coding.

How long does your solution take to implement?

Implementation is swift! In most cases, we can have your system up and running within 2-3 weeks.

Where are your servers located, and how do you ensure data security?

Your data's security is our utmost priority. All of our servers are located within the United States and adhere to stringent security protocols. We implement industry-leading encryption, access controls, and regular security audits.

What compliance certifications do you hold?

We understand the critical importance of compliance in the healthcare industry. We are proud to be HIPAA, SOC2, and ISO 27001 certified. These certifications signify that we uphold the highest standards of data security, privacy, and operational controls.

How does your pricing model work?

Our pricing is flexible and designed to scale with your needs. We charge on a per-medical record basis. Costs depend on the specific workflows you need automated (e.g., ICD, CPT coding). Please contact us for a personalized quote.

What integration options do you offer?

We strive for seamless integration. You can securely transfer records via FTP or take advantage of our native integrations with all popular EHR systems.

What setups do you work with?

We are designed to support healthcare providers with existing in-house coding teams. Our AI solution augments your capabilities, boosting efficiency and accuracy. We also offer complete outsourcing solutions where our specialized team delivers 100% audited, accurate codes, freeing up your in-house resources.